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Before starting treatment you may wish to request a second opinion regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan. Some people worry that their doctor will be offended if they request a second opinion but this is not usually the case. Most doctors welcome a second opinion and many health insurance companies will cover the cost if you or your doctor request one.

If you get a second opinion, the second doctor may agree with the diagnosis and treatment plan provided by your current doctor, or they may suggest another approach. Either way, you will be better informed and may feel more in control. You may also feel more confident in the decisions you take, knowing that you have thought about your options.

It can take some time and effort to gather your medical records together and make arrangements to see another doctor. In most cases though, taking a week or two to obtain a second opinion is not a problem since the delay in starting treatment does not normally make it less effective. To be sure, you should talk to your doctor about this delay before proceeding.

There are many ways to find a doctor if you wish to get a second opinion. You can ask your current doctor, a local or state medical society, a nearby hospital, or a medical school for names of specialists. You can also contact the Royal College of Physicians for your area.

To request a second opinion, please request an appointment with one of our medical oncologists.