Patient diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma ALK+
Before I was diagnosed, almost four years ago, the word 'metastatic cancer' to me meant stigmatization, isolation and hopelessness. Worse still, having lung cancer with brain metastasis, it meant death within a few short months and becoming just another statistic. With Dr. Rosell's team, the word took on a very different meaning, one which I experience to the full in every aspect of the day to day of the process....
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Patient diagnosed with breast cancer
In Dr. Martínez Bueno's clinic I found a calm space, a reference for me, which is a great help for me and adds a great deal to the treatment of my case. On the one hand, due to the speed and ease of carrying out follow up tests; the quick reaction when I suffered side effects of tamoxifen, for which I had to be treated in the Gynecology Dept., also in Dexeus, to remove a polyp...

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Patient diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma
I have always felt very well cared for by all the Institute's services (doctors, administration, laboratory...), and very reassured by and confident in all the decisions they have they taken regarding the different possibilities available to treat my disease, and thereofre have never considered obtaining a second opinion outside of the Institute.

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Report on TV3 of diagnosed patient
Diana Piferrer, a patient of the Dr. Rosell, explaines how it is her life six years after overcoming the cancer. She has now a regular life and has become a mother.