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The Dr. Rosell Oncology Institute offers comprehensive anti-cancer treatment with an innovative strategy: personalized therapeutic models based on genetic analyses.

Each tumor has a genetic fingerprint which allows treatment to be tailored to each patient.
The Service is led by internationally renowned oncologist Dr. Rafael Rosell with a team of medical oncologists specialized in different types of cancer who place their extensive experience at the service of each patient. We also have a team of surgeons, allowing us to offer comprehensive medical and surgical treatment.
What sets us apart is having our own Molecular Oncology Laboratory which works closely with our medical oncologists to provide personalized medicine according to the genetic characteristics of each patient’s tumor.
Our team of highly qualified and specialized biologists, pathologists and technicians guarantees the quality, speed and reliability of results.
Our mission: To decipher the causes and mechanisms of cancer through translational investigation in order to offer each patient the most effective personalized treatment.
Our vision: To be able to offer each patient a completely personalized treatment plan according to the genetic characteristics of their disease.
To achieve these goals, our Medical Oncology Service has a state of the art Molecular Oncology Laboratory which, as well as providing diagnostic services, runs its own innovative R+D programs. Two-way communication between the laboratory and the clinic means the discoveries, achievements and advances of one inform the work of the other, and vice versa.

Therefore, we are able to develop personalized therapy models based on real cases and offer our patients access to the very latest published breakthroughs in cancer treatment.